Monday, 29 October 2012

Sandcasting with plaster

In room 1 at new town school There were children who Learned about shape's. They had a lot of pattens for them to use, they chose their favourite shape to put on the damped sand that was also on the ice cream container.

Making a day - care centre for mice

Two mice called Greta and Garbo went to a special day-care centre that some children made in room 10. They Garbed some materials from their teacher so they can use it for the rooms. They made a bath-room, a dining room, bedroom and the exercise room. The children had to use hose pipes to attach them to the bottles.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Narrative 2

It was a quiet morning at Pt England shops. There was boy named bill who went to the shops to get some snacks for his lunch.

As he was walking out of the shop a robber came in and stall his snack’s off him and ran off. Bill had no lunch that he had for his morning tea.

After next morning peh so’s mum went in the shop’s and she was angry. she

They called the police to get the robber and put him in a cage cell. but first they had to find him.

The police found the robber

Thursday, 18 October 2012

My holiday

last thursday me and my brother went  to the cinemas at auckland city to watch Hotel transylvania. We first played on the arcade’s. There were quite a lot of arcade’s that me and my brother played. I then checked what time our movie was on. ( 2.00 ).

So then we waited  and waited  and waited and waited  and waited and waited  and waited and waited  and waited, then!! we went in to watch finally.