Monday, 15 April 2013

What The.......?

Once there was a baby elephant and a pair of shoes that were tied to a rope up in the sky.The shoe were old and there were rope hanging down.The elephant was Crying and it were calling for his mum and dad.

People were lazy and they stuck there shoe up the power line and left it there. would they leave the elephant there too? Then there was a helicopter that saved the elephant and the shoes that were tied up to the rope. The helicopter got the elephant and then they talk him out side and the elephant mum and dad were waiting for them and then the baby elephant  went to it mum and dad.


                                                    The End

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Me Jonson and peh so in our Fiafia groups

In our Fiafia groups Me Peh So and Jonson were In Jump Jam for Fiafia and There were 5 rows of lines that we sit on.We were doing Party rock anthem for our song but there was a boy Called Mohammed he was in the same class as Me Peh So and Jonson. Mohammed was being silly because he didn,t know the moves for the song so someone had to help him but then when the song came on he started know some.

We to do freestyle Me peh so and Jonson were doing anything but we were going all out.
But there was a song that was before the Party rock anthem but that one was quite hard.
But then we did well.

Thank our teacher Miss walters and miss nachos.
BY Peh so and Jonson

I hope you enjoy Jump Jam.

Monster on the motorway2

Monster on the Motorway

By Jonson and Peh So

Main Characters:
Mr and Mrs Timms,Joseph,Michel and Police Officer,Baby,Black dog,Truck driver.

It set in Mr timms classroom and The motorway.

Mr timms was going have a monster day on monday. He handed out newspapers of Costumes that they can wear.

The Problem was that there was a Traffic Jam on the Motorway. There was a baby crying,a dog barking and a truck driver that fainted. When he look at the back of him he saw what the noise was, and it was an lion and the how he fainted.
Mrs timms had to drop off Mr timms to work because Mr timms didn't want anyone to notice him when he got to his class at school. But then there was a traffic jam and some people were trying to see what the sound was.

Then there was a Police officer that thought there was a real lion but it was Mr Timms in a costume that was an lion.

Monday, 8 April 2013


In the Holiday I was riding on my bike outside my house and I was riding fast down my hill and I wanted to show my friend Neo my no handed on a bike, and as I was ride as fast as i could I saw my other friend Peh so.He was with his mum and sister.THen I told him to look at me so I can do no hand on my bike,then he look at me and I came down to him.then I said’’ what did you do and he said” we went to Mcdonald's.So I then He went back home but I thought He went to the BAKERY because he had bread with him.

THen when me and neo were finished playing we went back into my house and played are game could Assassin creed 3, on my Wii U. IT was cool but it went back to an different age that was not our age.We were a pirate ship and had to attack a fort that was bad, because it was attaking other ships that were good.After we did that we got to fight these people in the that were in the fort. They were called red coats.

I was an assassin called coner,And my friend Neo was just going to be one of my recruits that was my back up people incas I needed help if there is too many redcoats.But then I did need help then I went for the captain and my recruits were going after the redcoats. Then caught up with him and I was fighting a templar, called niches Biddle.

I got to stop niches biddle and the fort was taking over and now it is gone.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Easter hoilday

In the holidays I was riding my Bike and my Skateboard in the alleyway outside my house.My next door neibour had dogs that were black and there were big.I always rided around on my bike and skate borad, they were looking at me ride but then I went  to my other and play around with them.When i was finshed i went back hoome and eat mornng tea.

Next day we ate some easter eggs that we found and it was nice.I was playing on my Ipad and i was  playing this game could temple run. IT was just a running game but you have  to sulvar by not being eaten by the monster,s that are chasing you.

After that it was torremoro and we went to the silos, there was an market we got some brownies and it was nice. Then I went to ride around and after That we got some more food and a drink. we also got to go on the tram and it was fast but stopped quite quickly. Then we went back home and I went to sleep. But It was a cool day.

I hope that we got to do something alse.