Monday, 30 April 2012

Chicken Olympices

I have been reading about Chicken Olympics, There were two girls That  had Three hens one was named Dora she had black hair. Then it was Speckle she had Spots on her. Then Lukey last Aunty fluff she was wearing sixteen petticoats.

Friday, 27 April 2012


We are learning to create Hyper links.

Here is a link to our class site.

Here is a link to maths whizz.

Here is a link to our School site.

Here is A link to my Favourite Website.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

How to make sun hats.

1.Place big sheets of paper out on concrete.
2.Rub crayons on paper to make a pattern.
3. Paint dye over crayon patterns. Wait overnight for dye to dry.
4.Lay another sheet of paper on top. Paint glue over all the layers.
5.Spread the dyed paper onto a table. Paint the paper with glue.
6.Put gluey paper on the model’s heads. Rub hands over paper and tie elastic on.
7.Take hats off heads and put them on the table to dry.
8.Trim hats with scissors leaving a wide brim.

Blindfold Experience

When me and my partner had a go, I got the blindfold and tied it up on my partner. Then I was his guide and everything I said he had to trust me. We  were having a funny time then when we came to the tackling bags I was trying to help him but he did it, he had to climb over it. 

There were cones and my partner zig-zaged through the cones. After that I was holding his back and we where walking up the stage and then I turn my partner around but I did not push him of the stage he jump by him self off the stage, it was awesome I also jump.

When it was my turn  I was worried because I thought it was not  going to be right . When I was walking up the stage with my partner it might of being cool because when we where on the stage I was going to  Jump off the stage and slam. It was a great time doing the Bind Fold  Experience I hope we did it again cause it was fun. another thing I like was when we where blind because one thing is that my partner hit his knee and it felt horrible.

It was a world of darkness when I had the blindfold on and I might of think that some others had it to but it was still nice!

Dog who cased lightning

The story Was written by Judith mckinnon, I have drawn the weather And my favourite part of the picture is  the rain and the storm.