Thursday, 24 October 2013

Growing crops powder

This is my first draft of my story. It is an unedited version.

It was a nice day to play out side everyone accept a Marvin. 
It was a nice day to play out side everyone accept a Marvin.
He was a farmer that always has a bad time doing his farming and looking after his crops because they kept growing quite fast. He kept saying no to everyone that says can I help you Marvin with your crops, do you need help Marvin with your crops hey Marvin should I help you with your crops. He thought he had it under control after he thought that he actually did need help.

“Hey Marvin having a good time with those bad boys. Ha ha ha very funny Arc. Long time no see ha Marvin, its not that long, the last time we met or talked was 5 in a half hours ago after 10 o'clock or something like that. Really didn't notice”. Arc was Marvins best friend they usually farm together but he didn't notice that he needed help after he was gone to a meeting.

That meant something was wrong, so he went to him and asked him” Marvin did you just say you need help, yes! I do need help I was waiting for you to come back so we could do it together.
The crops are growing to fast and too big and I can’t stop them. How did this happen. I accidently put the Growing powder on the crops when I wasn't supposed too. What! I thought that I could grow them faster so I don’t have to wait to water them instead.We need to do something fast but what.

Monday, 14 October 2013


  • Who's the biggest animal
  • where would you milk a cow
  • when might you feed an animal
  • what would you feed an animal
  • why can chickens lay so much eggs
  • how is it cows have milk in them
  • which animal do we eat the most