Thursday, 31 July 2014

Wednesday, 23 July 2014


In class 5 we do AFL and at AFL we need to remember the three rules which were lacers away from face’s. The X on the ball pointing to where you want it to go and kicking the ball with your foot. We then had a game on the field which was kicking your ball to the other side and the others have to catch the ball. We got to play the game twice and then we switch sides and play twice again.

For our next session we had a warm up and learned the icecream scoop. For the ice cream scoop you have to tight you hand up and hit the X point of the ball. We did that and hit the ball to sa partner. Then we had a game and see who could get the most hits. That was easy but we only had a little bit of time until we go back.

It was fun doing AFL but we might learn some other things after that.

Immersion Assembly Term 3

At Immersion Assembly Term 3 our topic is Game On. At first Mr Jacobson showed us a Video about some one riding there bike and jumping over a bump and did a 360 as well. As the man was riding, the handle on the bike came off and then it broke apart. The Video then showed him flying off the bike in slow motion when it stopped. That was the introducing of Game On, when the teams had to get ready for there item.

Team 1 was first and there item was Introducing the athletes from around the world competing. There was a person from New zealand, Africa, Fiji, Samoa, Canada, America and Spain I think that we're competing.  Afterwards it showed the Queen which talked about the games and also talking about us on doing well in class.

Next went Team 2 were they had a video of which was competing in the games. The types of games that they played were Javelin throw, Sprinting and Shot put. The thing that I thought was weird was that there were only about four teachers in it compared to how much teachers there an in Team 1. But then Mr Jacobson said that some of them were away. So then after the video the four teachers came up to the front of the assembly room next to the stage and held up a gold trophy.

After team 2 was team 3 which did gymnastics. This had a video that showed ladies performing in this area where they had ribbons and a ball or a hula hoop  to do tricks on. It was quite cool because they were also flexible as well. The ladies with the hula hoops could throw them up and catch them with there legs. The video was quite short when the teachers of Team 3 then tried to do what the other ladies do but they didn't.
Then went Team 4 which did Potato sculpting and on this one you had to make a sculpture out of potato. This one had different competitors from different countries which were Scotland, Jamaica, Canada, America and Spain I think. There also had to be a referee for the game as well. When they got ready Canada straight away got disqualified but I didn't know why. The person who made the best sculpture was Jamaica.

Lastly Team 5 which was the one my teacher was in. Our one was about the teachers going to different countries around the world. The first person went to Spain and showed us pictures of what its like at Spain. The next person went to New York in America, after was Atlanta, Samoa, Fiji and one more but I forgot. They also talked about what it was like and what they do there.

That was the end of the teams that showed there topic. I know that today on Wednesday 23rd of July is the
opening of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth games. It is sort of like the Olympics but different. “This is the first time seeing it so I wonder what it will be like”.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Future Aspirations

Today on Wednesday Four visitors from Future Aspirations came to tell us about how they got there jobs and inspire us about how we should succeed in life. There names were Jason Sharma, Alfred Fairea, Arizona Legar and Andrew.The person that came to talk to us first was Andrew and he works at radio live. He told us about how he enjoyed being at his job, but he also told us that he had to wake up very early in the morning. Andrew said he had to wake up at about 4:00 Am to get ready for work when his Radio started at 6:00 and then finished at 9:00am.

Afterwards the next person named Jason Sharma talked to us about how he got his job being a teacher at Tamaki College.Then went Alfred Fairea who gave us some advice to be a police officer and that there are other jobs around it so as being a security guard. But then the last person named Arizona Legar gave us heaps of information that could help us to succeed in life. Her story was about when she was a kid at school she would always talk when the teacher is talking. But then she finds a way to use her talking in good use at high school.

She then got a job at communicate but I can’t remember what she said it was about. Arizona has told us some things that she used to try and get her own enjoyable job. The things that she used were her five lines that was number one: Do some work, number two: Nothing is true as true as you I think. Number three I couldn't remember but then number four was being confident about doing something and finally number five was strive to stay alive. After her telling us that I would apply to that by trying to remember one of them and then use it when I get into college so that I can study to get a enjoyable job like hers.