Monday, 25 November 2013

Camp bentzon

The island we are going to is Kawau island. It is a big island but the activities that are going to be there are cool. The activities that is at the island are Raft making, abseiling, Kayaking, Sailing, Burma trail, concourse, bivouac and orienteering. That is eight activities four for two days. The activity that I most like to or looking forward to do Is Kayaking.

Kayaking I have done in the year 5 and 6 camp and it is so fun. I hope that the other activities there are so fun but some might feel a bit scary. This camp might be the best camp i`ve every been to.  


1. Complete the table of Information   
Name of Ship/ Titanic

Name of Shipping company/ White star

Length of ship/ 294 metres-long

Date of Maiden voyage/ Tenth

Captain’s name/ Edward J. smith  

2. Where was the Titanic sailing to on its maiden voyage? They were heading to New york

3. Approximately how many people were on board the titanic when it left Southampton ?

4. Why do you think the Titanic hit the iceberg?
Because it was in front of it.
5. Why did so many people die? because there wasn’t enough lifeboats for them to get rescued in.
6. What is the signal ‘SOS’ a call for? help

7. The Titanic is referred to as a ship and also a liner in the passage. Words similar in meaning and called sss synonyms. Can you find another word in the passage similar in meaning to ‘ship’?Passageliner

8. Find words in the Passage that mean:
a,  cut, sliced
b,  died, Perished
c,  first, Immediately
d,  cold, freezing cold
e,  crisis, emergency
f,   saved, Rescued

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Growing crops porder

It was a nice day to play out side everyone accept a Marvin. He was a farmer that always has a bad time doing his farming and looking after his crops because they kept growing quite fast. Marvin  kept saying no to everyone that says can I help you Marvin with your crops, do you need help Marvin with your crops hey Marvin should I help you with your crops. He thought he had it under control after he thought that he actually did need help.
“Hey Marvin having a good time with those bad boys. Ha ha ha very funny Arc. Long time no see ha Marvin, its not that long, the last time we met or talked was 5 in a half hours ago after 10.o'clock or something like that. Really didn’t notice”. Arc was Marvins best friend they usually farm together but he didn’t notice that he needed help after he was gone to a meeting.

That meant something was wrong, so he went to him and asked him” Marvin did you just say you need help, yes! I do need help I was waiting for you to come back so we could do it together.
The crops are growing to fast and too big and I can’t stop them. How did this happen. I accidently put the Growing powder on the crops when I wasn’t supposed too. What! I thought that I could grow them faster so I don’t have to wait to water them instead.We need to do something fast but what.

There was a thing that I saw at a market that kills plants. It was called ummmm Killer plants potion. What does that look like! its like a green bottle, 500g and has a plant symbol on it.Where is the market! its not far from here so lets get going”. They ran to the truck and started driving fast, the were speeding thew the neighbors and got to the market of plants and bottles fast. Those guys got out of the truck they ran to the entrance of the market it looked like a lot of people had stuff with them like the Killer plants potion and some plants.

They needed be fast and get potion take it to the counter then get out of there and head back to the farm to kill those plants to the roots. Marvin and Arc had only five minutes to get there but there was only one more Killer plants potion left. The friends just got it but they only had 4 minutes left now, time was running out. They got to the counter and ran straight to the truck got back to the farm and they still had  more minutes. Marvin quickly used it and it all stopped

They were saved. They didn’t want to do that anymore.

The Unknown Whisper

It was a great day for a man like no other to farm and feed his animals but this man liked to farm because he got to play with his animals and so as his children. One day he went to the horse shed to feed them some hay. He was a hard working man to keep the family with some food and the animals. Wait did I forget to mention the people in his family. There is two kids one named Leo and one named Kane, one daughter Karin then her cousin May and me William.

”Dad can me and Leo go feed some horses and play with them. Yes you can Kane but be careful one of them might be hasty because it didn't get enough hay to eat, okay Kane and I'm
forgetting about you Leo. (Okay)”. They got some hay then walked to the horse shed butas they were walking they heard a whisper.”Leo did you hear that, yeah I did what was that”.

They came closer to the shed the horses weren't there, they got very scared and they got a big fright. Aaaahhhh go back to dad go back to dad! they ran as fast as they could to there dad and they both told him that there was a ghost in the horse shed. William was shocked,they needed to do something. But The Leo and Kane didn't know that he would actually believe them but their dad told them that hes heard it before 2 hours ago when he went to check on the horses but he thought it was his imagination. Dad, Leo,Kane Karin and May all went together to the shed to see what it was because all five of them had heard it.

The whole family got to the Shed and as they came closer they heard it again. Instead this time it sounded like an animal. In the shed was a hole and that was where all of the horses were. These horses were trying to help a sheep have a baby for its 20th child. Man that was really kind of them, were all happy for that.”So it wasn’t a ghost after all yeah man you guys were very scared Leo and Kane. No! we weren't scared Karin we were just umm putting on a prank yeah a prank Karin and you felt for it. Well it didn't look like it.  

                                                                         The End