Monday, 21 September 2015

The Bullet

This is my reading presentation about the bullet. There is a family that has moved in to a new neighborhood. The families kids (brother and sister) were enrolled into a new school. The sister Charmaine was having a good at first, while his brother was not.

Friday, 18 September 2015


This is a presentation about charities. I present a data base about two charities, St Johns and Red Cross.

Maths this week

This week in maths, we have been learning about measurements on angles using a protractor. There was a little game that we had to play that was about measuring, which used an protractor. Once we think that the game has given us an idea on how it works, we had to solve angle problems which were set on a doc. During the time you get to find out what acute angles, right angles, obtuse angles, Straight angles and reflex angles are. They all have there own degree measurements, e.g right angles measure 90 degrees. 
Image result for protractor

One problem has it, that there is a straight angle line (180 degree) horizontal, which has a another line sticking out form the middle, pointing 78 degrees. I have to see what the missing measurement on the other side of the line is. How I solve this is to see what number would be to make 180 degrees. (180 - 78 = 102) I think the answer would be.   

Friday, 11 September 2015

Bang on time: Math

Today in maths we have been learning about telling time and solving time problems. This is an analogue clock game where the hands move clockwise. The goal is to try and stop the clock on the time is says below. It has been actually been helping us understand how to read analogue time, and not digital.

Friday, 4 September 2015

What I learnt this week

This week in class I have learnt about ratios. Ratios is the comparing of numbers. We learnt two strategies on how to solve each ratio problem we were given. The two strategies were The within strategy and the between strategy. By using these strategies you also use something could the double number line.

One problem that I think I remember doing was when there was a jar of pinto beans and black beans in a ratio of 1:1, and 300 beans pinto beans. How many in total. Answer was 600 beans. ?

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

How to prevent your self from getting sick

Winter is the most common time of the year for people to contract the flu. This is for numerous reasons, one reason would be the temperature, is it is very cold. People then start to cough and sneeze which therefore leads to germs spreading everywhere. This explanation will provide you with advice on how to prevent yourself from getting sick during the winter season.

The first way you can prevent yourself from getting the flu is by getting the flu shot. By getting injected with a little bit of flu, your body builds up immunity towards it and is able to fight it off. Your immune system becomes strong, and now it has the strength to fight off anymore unexpected sickness that might come your way.

Another way you could prevent yourself from getting sick is by being hygienic. Being hygienic means you need to thoroughly wash your hands together with soap, for about 30 seconds. Then wiping your hands with a towel. It is very important to wash your hands after you have touched objects that sick people have touched. If you're not in a place where there is a tap to wash your hands, you could use hand sanitizer.  

Finally eating enough nutrients would help your body stay well. But getting enough rest is as important as eating the right food, because you body gets to heal itself and you brain gets to rest. Vitamins and minerals would be good for the the body to stay healthy. It won’t be a good idea if you ate junk food in the winter time such as pies, hot chips, KFC, sausage rolls and other food types like that. Fruit, meat and vegetables is a value source of food to eat.

If you follow any of these steps, there is a 99.9% chance you won’t get sick in winter. Make sure you always keep yourself clean, and keep warm. Eat the right food and get the flu shot. Follow these steps and you should be good this winter.  

Miss Universe

Yesterday we had 16 contestants from Miss University come and talk with team 5 about being entrepreneurs. There was a competition with the contestants, but there could be only one winner. The winner would be known as Miss Universe, and she would go overseas and represent NZ and challenge other Miss Universes all around the world. There were three ladies that talked to us about being enterprising. They also talked about going to the Manila in the Philippines to answer some tricky questions.