Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The side of the tent was wet

In the moring  when I wok up the side of the tent was wet and i was  freazing cold and i couldn,t move because I was cold. Eveyone had to do jump jam in the the hall but some one in our group was still a sleep and kefu didn,t wake up. So i had to wake him up but then he was to lazy when he was up and we left kefu and went to jump jam.

Then he came but he was runing hard so he dosen,t mis out.But when got to the  jump jam were finshed and every one was walking out and getting ready to go to the swiming pools. But first we ha breakfast first and then we got change and had our togs with us.

I hope you enjoy our camp that was the year 5/6 It was fun at our camp and I really liked it.
THe magre pools was awsome and i did bombs in the bombing pool. And jump jam I saw peh so do his own move when he was suposed to do the same as us. but I saw kefu there and he was on time because he went i bus.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Sleeping in a tent

At nighttime when we were sleeping in our tent I was hitting kefu that was sleeping nek to me.He was never sleeping because he wasn't comedervill.I was sleeping net two people in the tent.All three of us woke up three times.Then I farted at kefu,s head two time.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

School camp wrting

Kayak1 Team 3 PES  Vimeo.

Our activity was kayaking that was at Pt,england reserve. It was fun, I went with my camp leader. There were camp leaders for all the camp teams. The name for the camp leader was Christopher,that was a boy. Then there was girl leader that was Jordenne.

Me and Christopher were in the same kayak. I got tired of paddling but my partner did not but we still were going fast. Then it was a change over. Instead we went on a Jet boat, me and christopher with a teacher that was mr malloor.

When we were finished on the jet boat we got have a free swim in the water.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Visit to Muriwai

The day things started disappear.

When I got home my things started to disappear like my computer, my homework, and some other stuff. I talked to my mum to see if she knew but i couldn't find her either. Then my bedroom was empty. I saw people with no head screaming. peh so was scared because he didn't have a head.

I couldn't do anything to save peh so. The disappearing was not good. That was the same with other people,s head and body. Some peoples bodies were looking like there zombie but the only thing I could see is there head. It start to happen to me but I could get away from it.

I now I have to stop it but i didn't know. I had go to the police and see if they help it wert there. police station was not there so it was up to me because i might found a way but I didn't know a way. Peh so thought that I could.

Then after I fix a head weird. I thought I had magic but it wasn't me. It was an machine, Its beam shot at us and it was set on disappear. Then it was change back to normal.Then everyone were happy.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Week 5 math

I have been learning to do Equal addtiton.