Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Google Expedition

Today on Tuesday, our school had the chance of doing the Google Expedition which was to try on special glasses that was called Google card box. It would have a phone in a cardboard like box, and 4 circle glass like things that you look into, and make it look 3D. Team 5 year 7's went first before the year 8's. Year 7's went in the morning, and the year 8's went after morning tea.

The year 8's got split into three groups: one, two, three.  I was in three, and we went second right after group one. We were going to be instructed by Mrs Teala, and miss Clarks son, Mr Clark (miss Clark who does reading with students, and not the one in class 2). The Google Cardbox was place in sections, and rows on two tables, which the boys will go to one table, and the girls go to the other.

Mr Clark was holding a tablet which lets him pick we will go and what we will see. The most fabulous ones I think were amazing was going into space, being on the Burj Khalfia and looking at one the most spectacular scenes of Dubai. Visiting Liberty Island in New York. It really looked like we were there.

We then had to finish off and get it ready for the last group, while we still had heaps of fun. The expedition was astonishing, and it was fun to do.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Andrew Patterson year 8 talk

Today a common radio live guest, known as Andrew Patterson came and talked to the year 8's about attending collage next year. The things he talked to us about, was that we were 50 or 60% though our school education. Important things that he mentioned were the 7 habits, which would be important in collage. Being Proactive, See beginning and end, Priorities I think, syenigise, sharpen saw, Understand something before understood and some one more other habit, but I forgot.

It was a lot of knowing what is important and not important. We were inspired by Mr Patterson so we could be prepared to go to collage.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

A time with Friends

“Ding ding ding ding” The bell went for the students to come back to class. I excitedly and quickly dashed back to class, knowing that we had a fun activity that the whole of team 5 were going to participate in. It was Tuesday today and we were going to do something known as the amazing race. We were only given a little bit of information, which was related to the amazing race. That little information was just that It was going to be fun and long.

We had to get changed into our fitness gear, and as someone our us could tell the teachers were very serious and eager for us to hurry up, get changed and be ready. Every student was then sitting down in the street silent listening, to miss Telea as she then gave us the rest of the information. She gave us a booklet which told where we go and our team name eg room 1 a team 3, room 4 b team 1, room 5 b team 2. We were given specific stations, which each team attended to, such as Pea pipes, Fear factor, Brain busters, Photo booth and Cookie fall. We were at those stations for only 10 minutes, so listing and silence was a priority.

Miss Teala then enabled us to leave to our first stations. My team which was room 1 a team 3 or 1a3 went to our first station which was the Pea pipes outside on the court with Miss Hockley. In my team was myself Lee, Mikano and Isaiah. We were up against other teams which was going to be interesting. This was going to mean teamwork.
The aim of this was to use a skinny straw and suck some peas from a white plastic bowl, then transport it while still sucking on it, to get it to another white bowl which a teacher will hold, without dropping it. To be honest it was pretty hard. A lot of the teams suction power from there mouth was probably poor. It was going well at first for me, but then I started having trouble, thinking I would get all of them in without dropping them. But then in the end our team still won.

Next course was the Fear factor in the Breeze. I didn't want participate in this so I let my friends take over. Then another friend didn't want to do it, so it was just two. What we had to do for this, was to first eat very dry weetbix quickly then eat a bowl of spaghetti, mixed in with kiwi fruit, salad and Tomato Sauce. This wasn't a very nice activity to do but, still in the end our team managed to win again.

Then next up was the Brain buster in room 1 and we had to work together and solve some very complex problems, and riddles, like a real amazing race might have. One of the most interesting problems had four dotted boxes which went 3x3. We had to try and connect them together with only 4 strikes of lines. For this our team had to put of minds together and try and figure that out. We failed a lot, until we had clues, which then we had it, which to make a square which would cover the four dotted boxes.

We didn't win it though, none of us did, so we moved to the second to last station. It turned out to be our last, because we didn't have time. It was called the Photo booth in the Street with Miss Teala, which was to dress up in costumes and take photos. There was no competition for this. Our team were in boxing gear, some of us were trying to act like Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.

Then Miss Teala told us to pack up and get ready for fitness, It was all over so quickly. For me my team was like brothers, we shared a bond together. I hope to do something like that again.

Monday, 19 October 2015

The Secret Underground

This is a presentation about The Secret Underground, which is about difference between cave insects, and insects.

T4 School Immersion assembly

We’re back to school from our two week holiday, and on to some more learning. This term is term 4, and our topic for this term was all about ‘Survival’. It was like every other term, where on the first day when the second bell rings the classes line up ready to walk immersion assembly. I don’t know about anyone else, but I was eager to find out what our topic was going to be. We sat down in the hall and Mr Burt our principle was dressed in a lavalava, t - shirt and a colourful parrot on his head, Introducing the topic to us and showing us a video before it started.

First was Team 1 and there’s was about going to the zoo. There were students picked by team 1 teachers who went up the stage to do karaoke to the song Roar. While in the background there was a video playing showing people at the zoo watching animals play. The karaoke ended and the video finished. We gave a round of a claws to then ending part, and it was team 2 next.

Team 2 is learning about dinosaurs, and how they roam the earth millions of years ago. They showed a movie about dinosaurs up on the screen. The movie was extreme with violence, blood everywhere, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Team 3 also was learning about dinosaurs. but this time, they made a parody with the dinosaurs and changed around to disco dinosaurs. Dancing around and enjoying life, to stay alive.

Next up was team 4, like fantastic 4, get it, No, okay I will just take my jokes elsewhere. Team 4 was learning about animals and mammals around the little blue earth of ours and how they adapt to there home environments. A few chosen students from team 4 were picked to make there movie which was extremely funny. They were interviewed by two teachers known as Mr Somerville and Mr Goodwin. In the background of these students was a green screen of other animals in there home environments, and they had to try and figure out where they were.

Last was team 5, there skid was based around a television series survivor. The Contestants (Teachers) had to tackle a challenge which was to eat a plateful of noodles the quickest using chopsticks, The winner of the challenge was Miss Clark and she won immunity. The challenge was easy for her because she grew up eating with chopsticks, which made the other contestant angry. Miss Petao made a confession about the whole challenge, because in her culture they eat food with there hands.

In the end my favorite skid was team 4, because they were better than partially better than team 5.

Monday, 21 September 2015

The Bullet

This is my reading presentation about the bullet. There is a family that has moved in to a new neighborhood. The families kids (brother and sister) were enrolled into a new school. The sister Charmaine was having a good at first, while his brother was not.

Friday, 18 September 2015


This is a presentation about charities. I present a data base about two charities, St Johns and Red Cross.

Maths this week

This week in maths, we have been learning about measurements on angles using a protractor. There was a little game that we had to play that was about measuring, which used an protractor. Once we think that the game has given us an idea on how it works, we had to solve angle problems which were set on a doc. During the time you get to find out what acute angles, right angles, obtuse angles, Straight angles and reflex angles are. They all have there own degree measurements, e.g right angles measure 90 degrees. 
Image result for protractor

One problem has it, that there is a straight angle line (180 degree) horizontal, which has a another line sticking out form the middle, pointing 78 degrees. I have to see what the missing measurement on the other side of the line is. How I solve this is to see what number would be to make 180 degrees. (180 - 78 = 102) I think the answer would be.   

Friday, 11 September 2015

Bang on time: Math

Today in maths we have been learning about telling time and solving time problems. This is an analogue clock game where the hands move clockwise. The goal is to try and stop the clock on the time is says below. It has been actually been helping us understand how to read analogue time, and not digital.

Friday, 4 September 2015

What I learnt this week

This week in class I have learnt about ratios. Ratios is the comparing of numbers. We learnt two strategies on how to solve each ratio problem we were given. The two strategies were The within strategy and the between strategy. By using these strategies you also use something could the double number line.

One problem that I think I remember doing was when there was a jar of pinto beans and black beans in a ratio of 1:1, and 300 beans pinto beans. How many in total. Answer was 600 beans. ?

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

How to prevent your self from getting sick

Winter is the most common time of the year for people to contract the flu. This is for numerous reasons, one reason would be the temperature, is it is very cold. People then start to cough and sneeze which therefore leads to germs spreading everywhere. This explanation will provide you with advice on how to prevent yourself from getting sick during the winter season.

The first way you can prevent yourself from getting the flu is by getting the flu shot. By getting injected with a little bit of flu, your body builds up immunity towards it and is able to fight it off. Your immune system becomes strong, and now it has the strength to fight off anymore unexpected sickness that might come your way.

Another way you could prevent yourself from getting sick is by being hygienic. Being hygienic means you need to thoroughly wash your hands together with soap, for about 30 seconds. Then wiping your hands with a towel. It is very important to wash your hands after you have touched objects that sick people have touched. If you're not in a place where there is a tap to wash your hands, you could use hand sanitizer.  

Finally eating enough nutrients would help your body stay well. But getting enough rest is as important as eating the right food, because you body gets to heal itself and you brain gets to rest. Vitamins and minerals would be good for the the body to stay healthy. It won’t be a good idea if you ate junk food in the winter time such as pies, hot chips, KFC, sausage rolls and other food types like that. Fruit, meat and vegetables is a value source of food to eat.

If you follow any of these steps, there is a 99.9% chance you won’t get sick in winter. Make sure you always keep yourself clean, and keep warm. Eat the right food and get the flu shot. Follow these steps and you should be good this winter.  

Miss Universe

Yesterday we had 16 contestants from Miss University come and talk with team 5 about being entrepreneurs. There was a competition with the contestants, but there could be only one winner. The winner would be known as Miss Universe, and she would go overseas and represent NZ and challenge other Miss Universes all around the world. There were three ladies that talked to us about being enterprising. They also talked about going to the Manila in the Philippines to answer some tricky questions.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

SK8R Jam Apparel

This is my reading presentation about a business name SK8R Jam Apparel. The author makes designs T - shirts for skateboarders.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Inference and evidence

This is my reading task about Inference, and finding evidence in the text.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Want vs Need

This is a reading task that I've done which is about needs and wants. It is all about knowing which would be better wanting something or needing something. Which is more important want or need.

Thursday, 30 July 2015


This is my reading presentation about inferring. I have to read between the lines to find out things that the author doesn't state.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

How I receive and spend money

Money is the most commonly used thing in the world. We use money in everyday, because it is apart of life. It would be hard to survive without money because it is of value to us. There are different types of currencies, ours is the NZ dollar. In other countries it would be called something else. In this explanation I am going to tell you how I receive and spend money.

I rarely receive money from my parents. It might just be once a month when I receive pocket money. About $3 to $7 a month. When my mum is feeling kind she just gives money for no reason to Keep. But I have to make sure I don’t lose or my mum with growl me.

Instead of spending my money I try to be money wise and save it. But that is a bit of a mission because everytime I walk past the bakery to school I smell the aroma of sausage rolls, pies and  savories which makes me hungry. If I couldn't help my self, I would try and spend maybe 1 or $2, and save $5 every six months.

Additionally what I might do differently would be saveing $6 every year, so maybe when I get older I would have more money to spend if I come across a nice aroma again. To require money would probably be the same thing. Until I get a job to acquire more. Right now it would probably just being doing chores for my parents.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Highlight Reflection

I enjoyed doing maths because we learned different strategies in different areas. We use maths whizz aswell to learn our math. It is a type of program where you do an assessment test, it looks for the most appropriate level for you. I am in a high level for math whizz. 

I enjoyed playing soccer but I missed out on two games, except one. We got our very own boots to take home because the boys were playing well at there last game. We lost all our games, but we still tried our best when playing. We thanked the person who donated the money for us to have the boots, socks, shin pads and shorts.

For Inquiry, I enjoyed working together with my group the Barbie Boys to make the wooden bench. We had a bit of changes with the bench. We were going to use a log bench but we couldn't get it. We wanted to make it because we were sick of siting on the cold ground, so we made a bench. It only took a few weeks to plan and make.

This is the highlight of this term for me.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Pourquoi Tale

Why a cheetah is fast
A long time ago back in 500 BC in the African wilderness close to Zambezia, there was a celebration of Cheetah new year. The cheetahs came from other continents of Africa. The Head of Cheetahs held it every year. They put up carvings at the entrance, it had other things that were interesting as well.

Elsewhere there was a potion maker making a potion with blue glowing electricity in it. The maker rushed to the Head of Cheetahs to tell him the amazing work that he had done which would change the face of cheetah kind. The boss of Head of Cheetahs placed some in the food. It spreaded to nearby food, and if any of the cheetahs ate it they would be very fast.

Surprisingly the cheetahs started glowing blue with static electricity around them. They were as fast as lightning. There were a lot of blue neon blurs everywhere. They were very happy of the change of them being slow and unfit to being very fast. After the night of the celebration they all went home until the next day.

The glowing went out and the static electricity was not there. So they weren't as fast as lightning but they were just fast. The cheetahs thanked the potion maker that they don’t have to be very slow. Now they could catch there own food wildly. The cheetahs today carry on what there ancestors left behind and take with them the legacy of them.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Tinkering review

Today on Friday me and my group the Barbie boys drilled and put our bench together. We started off with only 4 little wooden legs, and a long wooden board. They both had to be drilled in with bolts and nails.

After the the wood were stuck together it had to be smoothed with sand paper. When that was done we would of painted it and maybe put some graffiti on it.  Then when all that was done we would be finished on our products.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

The Great Ocean Clean Up

This is my presentation about the Great Ocean Clean up. Trying to clean all the plastic in the oceans.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Accidental Plastics

This is a presentation about Plastics and how they were accidentally found.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Historic Mansion for only $1 Dollar

A historic mansion sold for only just 1$, the owner Samuel Ouerbacker built the mansion in Louisville Kentucky, in the 1860s. He named the mansion after himself (Ouerbacker-Clement House). After Samuel passed away the mansion was purchased by a tax company. But they never intended to use it, so they set up an auction. It was Bought by and architect, despite his plan to restore the mansion to it original form, he just left it in ruins.

The hope of the mansion was that someone would buy it and restore it to its original self. The building is ancient but falling apart. The odd thing is that the nearby residents swore it was haunted. Judging by its appearance, it did look a bit creepy.
A company called Oracle design recently purchased it for $1 dollar, Oracle and some properties planned to restore the building and divide it into apartments.

Oracle may still be dividing the mansion into different apartments.

My Anzac Poem

In the war soldiers hide and crawl in the grass
It might be the only thing that they see last
with no hope they may not survive                                                              
they are very afraid to die
soldiers would still have there pride

back at home they will still be in our hearts...

Thank you

Friday, 22 May 2015

Zeal Zone Anzac Biscuits

This is a Presentation of Anzac Biscuits, how to make it and how it was famous in WW1. Anzac biscuits were made in New Zealand but they were never shipped to the soldiers because it would go off before it reached them. So instead Ginger nuts were shipped to them because it took more longer for them to go off.

We also learnt that it could lifts the morale of soldiers.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Future Aspirations

Today we have heard from two people, Marcus Winter AKA the Sandman and also Louis Gordon Latty. Marcus was a sand making artist, while Louis was a basketball player. The man that introduced them to us was a special that was welcome to be at our school. His name was Andrew Patterson and he collects and connects with a lot of talented people, Mostly it is on Radio Live where he works. They said there talks and shared with us how they became to be what they were now.

First off went Marcus, it started when he was in primary school and on his report it said that Marcus was a slow writer. It was when he became a bit older he started being a street artist, and making sand art. Then he changed his thinking, he wanted to show off his art on one of the big fancy cruise ships. It started to become his work in the cruise ships. He lived in one of the Sydney hotels in Australia.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Technology in WW1

Is technology good or bad? Well I think that it can be good for all of us if we use it right. Technology is all around us, we use it in our homes, out in the open world, and other places. When using computers we have the power to search, play and more searching. You can easily go wrong on the computer, if we use it wrong we might face the consequences.

In our senior block our principle Mr Burt talked to us about the technology used in WW1. He teaches us about how Britain invents new weaponry, and that they would be indestructible from the enemy, But soon the enemy would make a better and bigger version of there one.

This would tell me why technology is very important to most of us, but sometimes not good to other people.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Friday, 8 May 2015

WW1 Timeline

In one of our Zeal Zone groups, Miss Moala talks to us about the timeline's about what happened in WW1. We were all given a timeline, which we grab information from, and put it into a way which we can show. The timeline we had study was October 16th 1914.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015



This is important to me because I have to respect people around me, when i’m walking around the community, at home, During school and everywhere else I go. I think that respect is one important value to anyone because we listen to what someone says, we take in on what someone has to say and help them if they need help. The person I like to respect mostly is my mum, she was the one who helped me with making my lunch and home work.

Friday, 20 March 2015


Yesterday was an exciting day, because team 5 took a trip to Polyfest in Manaku. There were a a lot of schools who came. When we entered in we sat down in front of some ASB crew. Suddenly out of no where our school and the other schools saw camera men crowed someone. As they got closer to us we could see a person with a black jacket.

It was John Key! I'm sure some people were still labor fans, so they wouldn't of liked seeing John Key. John Key gave a quick speech and then he got interviewed by ASB crews and others aswell. We set out to go to our activities to learn new things. My favorite thing was visiting the AUT presentation. They showed us and talked to us about the making of games and 3D printing.

First off they showed us some metal made form the 3D metal printer. Also not to mention a normal 3D printer that could do a brilliant job at making material and also detailed 3D products. That was the best thing that I liked. But for there games they seemed to take it to the next level by making the person in the game. These headsets were called Oculus Rift.

It was mainly those things he told us. It actually taught me a lot about what skills we needed to make it into a tech place and how we get them. That was the reason why I liked that Activity. 

Friday, 6 March 2015

Zeal Zone 2

For the second time of Zeal Zone we made Crispy Slices. For this we had to get rice bubbles and mini marshmallows and 125G of butter. They had to be set on our tables like the last one we did. Then the paper had to be spread out on the table so we could put the ingredients on it. After we were all set to go we got started. 

First thing you had to do was melt the butter in the pan. Second thing that you had to do was add marshmallows, then mix around until it melts. Remove form heat when done. Next pour the ricees in a black tray to fill it up. Lastly pour the melted marshmallows and butter into the black tray of ricees and mix. Then you press into dish with grease proof paper in another tray.

Then we cut it up into pieces and then eat it. It is tasty and delicious for treats. But I just ate straight away. I liked making the crispy slices.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Zeal Zone

On fridy last week our senior block got to do Zeal Zone. There were five Zeal Zones, first one was going somewhere, Second was Art, Third was Music, Forth was come on lets eat and the last one was Values. We got to choose three zeal zones, I picked Come on lets eat, Music and Going some where. My first one was Come lets eat. Our teacher was Mrs Teala.

We Walked to the hall with some bags of food, but also we needed to set up the tables as well. Our first instruction was to go on our net books and find out about wraps on our class site for zeal zone. After that we had to go into groups of 5, which then we shared the tables. We were given a big paper as our cover on the tables. Then we needed to get the food ready to make our wraps.

First of all we put some Just hummus on our Tortilla
. Then we added some grated carrots, cheese, ham and lettuce. We put them all together and then we made the wrap. The last thing we had to do was fold it into a way where the bottom would be covered but you will still see the top. We ate our wrap and it was very nice but it was starting to break apart.

It was a good thing I was in come on lets eat because you get to make food and have a balanced diet.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

First day

On the first day of school I was wondering what class I was going to be in. I wanted to see if there was anyone new who came to the school and see if I could find the new teachers. After about 9:00 am we all went to the school hall to hear Mr Burt say some things before we were chosen what class we were going in. The senior year 8's went to the street so we could welcome the new year 7's.  We had to sing a song to them that we sang last year to any visitors new to the senior block.

Then the prefects went to announce something to also welcome the year 7's. After that was done the teachers introduced themselves to us. First went Mrs Telea, and she told us her story of how she came to Auckland. It was Mr Wiseman and he was a new teacher who told us his story about when he came to new zealand, and how he liked traveling. Then went miss Clark who told us about where she was born and how she came to New Zealand.

Next was Mrs Moala who introduced her self and her husband to us. Then it was Miss Peato who told us about her family and sport. Miss Telea put us in our classes and I went in Mr Wisemans class. We had to introduce each other and then played a game. We played quite a lot of games that made us know each other more.

I hope I can enjoy this year.

2015 goals

For 2015 I am liking my new class which is class 1, but it feels a bit different without the year 8's from last year. Now we are the new year 8's. Our teachers name is Mr Wiseman and he is new to our school.  We also have some new people in our class so they will get to know us. Mr wiseman told us to set some goals for this year so we can succeed for this year.

So my goals for this term will be to staying on task of my work, getting my work done in the right time and taking charge of my stuff. To do the first goal I am going to do my work at home on my computer if my mum lets me and then I will get on with my homework as well. For the second goal I will have to make sure I am not distracted from anyone. For the third goal I would need to make sure my net books is chargered and my stuff are ready to work.

That is my goal for this term.