Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Short film view

This movie was made in the Greek islands.The main Characters were the female Octopus and the male Octopus!

The female octopus and the male octopus were in love then suddenly a chief grabbed the female octopus. The male octopus was looking at the truck and it had a symbol. The symbol was the male octopus`s imagination, he imagined that the female octopus was going to get sliced by a chef.

The octopus was chasing after the female. The male octopus was on the van trying to reach the other side of the van so he can rescue the octopus. When he got to the window the chef wiped him out then it was a dangerous battle. Then After The female was free and he help the other octopus, they were both helping each other. Suddenly again they got caught, but the chef`s van went in the water and the octopus were stuck on a power line then a Eagle came and took him away!

It was cool watching the movie. I though the main message of the film was to not mess with octopus! 

Friday, 23 March 2012


Did you know that Year five and sixes went to camp? It was fun at camp because we were in teams and they had names. There were six teams and their names were, Respectstars the group I was in, Respectronics, All Stars, Dream Team, Respectables, and lucky last True Crew. We were having a competition to find out which team were the best and got the most points.

My team Respectstars went rollerblading it was fun. First we were given instruction where we had to play. We were not allowed on the roller blades but we we allowed to go play some ping pong, I liked it. I started to have a battle with tyrone and cezar, it was a intense game with cezar. I had a battle with tyrone he was easy, and so as cezar. I really enjoyed it. When the bell rang and we were allowed on the rollerblades. It was my first time doing rollerblading. I really liked it I was thinking it was like ice skate but it is much slippery. I hope we can do that again.

When I went back to my tent at night I heard some strange noises, I tried to sleep but I couldn`t. In the middle of the night I still heard some noises.

Overall, I loved it. My favorite activity was rollerblading. I hope we do it again on another camp time.

Thursday, 15 March 2012


Yesterday my camp team went kayaking at the Pt. England Resve it was cool I was with my partner and we where in a double canuo. my Partner was Tyrone we where helping each other, then after that we want to have a race with Cezar  and we where off but then!! he bet us. We where having fun and then we went of the canuo. after that I went on a sninggle one so as Tyrone, we saw each other and I was going far and fast. Then I jumped off the rocks and I was going to jump after Cezar but he did not jump so I tried it and it looked scary but then when I jumped in it was all right but it was just the water it tasted yuck, it was salt water it was cool when I was in the water I liked it then we had to go and take the canuo s back  to the canuo holder it was fun I hope we could do it again some other time.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Great Things Take Time

When J.K Rowling writes about Harry Potter she plans her writing. It took her more than five years to plan it. She works really hard when she writes books about Harry Potter. J.K Rowling sold four hundred & fifty Million copies of her books all over countries in the world!  

I hope that I can be good at some things like sports, I would want to play basket ball. I want to be better at it because it is a cool sport. If I want to get better at basketball I would have to practice my throws and steps then I will be good at basketball. I will have to work like J.K Rowling to get to my goals.

Make sure you are editing your work so readers can read and understand your story. I put my work on my blog so audiences can see my amazing work. Remember that great things take time.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Vision Board 2012


I want to get  fit and strong so I can be better at soft ball.


I want to listen to my teacher and not be annoyed.


I want to be a good friend, because it is friendly.


I want to know more abort Drivers.because when I grow up I will be awesome.           

Healthy Body

I want to drink a lot of water so I can grow Strong.


I want to know more  how to do  ten Pargagh, so  I can be smart.


I want to get more better at reading,because it means I get better and better.


I want to help tidy up my bed so  I can be helpful

mum dad
friend brother

me like

x box connected  games Sunday chip  biscuits.