Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Little red riding hood

Once upon a time In a large forest was a little girl called little red riding hood and she set off to send some goods to her grandma. On way to her grandma’s house she met a mysterious wolf and he asked her where she was going and little red riding hood said to the wolf that she was going to her grandma’s house to drop off some goods because she was sick. So the wolf ran and took a short cut to her grandma’s house and when little red riding hood got to the house inside she got surprise that it was the wolf as her grandma. Then there was a Lumberjack that came by and saw a wolf about to eat little red riding hood, so he stabbed and sliced the wolf into piece’s so little red riding was safe so as grandma that came out of the cupboard. So there was never going to be a wolf that eats anyone and so everyone lived happily ever after.

The morale of the story is to not talk to stangnes in a place you have not been at before or in a long time.

I have learnt that if you're in trouble call for help don’t panic and wait for someone to come rescue you unless there is someone close by and is a lumberjack.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Goldilocks and the three bears

Once upon a time there were three bears, one was a father bear that was the biggest of them all, the other was mother bear which was middle in size and little baby bear which was a teddy bear size. Mother bear made some pudding with some berries in it, they had their bowls on the table ready for there puddling. The puddling was ready but it had to be left to cool so they went over to the beavers and check out their new baby. There was a Faired haired girl that was walking and picking flowers, her name was Goldilocks and she went nearby baby bears house and decided to see what baby bear was up to, she knocked on the door and the door was half open, she then started to explore the kitchen and saw some puddling she tried all of them and she only managed to eat only baby bears puddling, she even broke his chair. Then she went up stairs and in a minute she fell asleep, the bears came back and saw that there door was ajar, They went in and saw that baby bears puddling was eaten and his chair was broken they rushed to up stairs and saw that goldilocks was in baby's bed she saw the three bears and she rushed outside and never came back.

The morale of the story is to not go inside a friend's house to explore and touch things when you're not supposed to.    

I have learnt that you should never explore some ones house and break their property, so as eating someone's food, then shave a nap on a friend's bed.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Ugly duckling

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Once upon a time in a far far land was a farmyard where there was a mother duck having babies. She was sitting on a group of baby eggs. She then heard a crack on the eggs. One by one they all popped out. But there was one egg bigger.
The last egg hatched and there was a big duckling it  was bigger than the other ducklings. they were teasing him. The mother duck tried to do anything to cheer him up.
next day the ugly duckling ran out of the farmyard to find who he was. He question all the the birds he could find. they all said no in a scorn voice.  he walked and he got lost until a lady found and went to look if he would lay eggs. But then he managed to get out.

A day later someone came and found him,the person who found the duckling took back to his house. When it was spring the person that took the duckling was all growing up. The person took the duckling to the pond where he found him and set him free. Then he noticed who he was and he saw some other birds like him. The other birds said that he was a swan like us. They then flew away together happily ever after.