Thursday, 4 September 2014

Revolution Tour

On Wednesday day afternoon a group name the Revolution Tour came to our school hall to talk to us about something and giving us a message. The revolution tour were from Australia. The only thing about this is that only the seniors which were the year 7s and the year 8s came to watch them. When everyone settled two people talked to us and then introduced us on what there names were. I couldn’t remember what there names were though.

For them to give us a message they did it in a play. First they were in class and then someone had to introduce a new person they was only there first time. The person that was introducing the new guy on who his name was started bullying him. Then when it came to sports there had to be leaders who pick who they want. But the new person didn’t like the school because he got bullied, so then the a person from the start told us that the message was stop the bull.

What I learnt from that message was that I need to do something when some is getting bullied and help them if they don’t feel alright and they feel scared. Also I need to be standing up for someone who will bullied. It affects me by if I was bullied and I didn’t feel welcome.

What I am going to do is help one another.

Kiwi Sport Football

In class 5 we go to football Kiwi sport at the hard court. We do football with sophia and she teaches us some tricks and how to play football. We are also in teams that are names of one of the countries in the world. The name of my team is Switzerland and in my team there is Peh so, Frank, me and Evan.

Sophia gives us football games against the other teams in our class. We don’t really win our games but we still like playing. But sometimes we get a tie on our games. Sophia gives us a short time to play so we have to be fast. In our team we try to plan our moves so we can get a score but sometimes it doesn't work.

It is fun playing tournaments with the other teams but our team can’t score fast enough because of how short we play for. There are six teams altogether that play in different courts but the rest are left out watching until the other games are finished. Sophia calls us in when the times up by first blowing her whistle. Then she sees who won there game and then they verse another team that has won there game.

After the teams have versed every other country we see which country has got the most points and then they win one of sophia’s prize. The country or team that won were the Brazil team with 18 points.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

My Colour wheel

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There are different types of colours such as Blue, Orange, Yellow, Green, Violet and others like that. Colours are everywhere and we see them everywhere. Colours are used to make something stand out and look good.

Primary Colours:
Primary colours are the first colours before the the tertiary colours or secondary colours. The primary colours are Blue, Red and Yellow. If you mix them together they will make the secondary colours.

Secondary Colours:
To make secondary colours you need to mix two primary colours. Like this:
Red and Blue = Violet, Blue and Yellow = Green, Red and Yellow = Orange. Orange, Violet and Green are all of the secondary colours because they were made by the primary colours.

Tertiary Colours: Now to make tertiary colours, and to make that you need to have the secondary and Primary colours to be mixed. Violet and Red = Dark Red, Violet and Blue = Dark Blue, Green and Blue = Light Blue. Next one Yellow and Orange = Brown, Orange and Red = Dark red and Green and Yellow = Light green.

Those are all of the tertiary colours that can be made from secondary and primary colours.