Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Blindfold Experience

When me and my partner had a go, I got the blindfold and tied it up on my partner. Then I was his guide and everything I said he had to trust me. We  were having a funny time then when we came to the tackling bags I was trying to help him but he did it, he had to climb over it. 

There were cones and my partner zig-zaged through the cones. After that I was holding his back and we where walking up the stage and then I turn my partner around but I did not push him of the stage he jump by him self off the stage, it was awesome I also jump.

When it was my turn  I was worried because I thought it was not  going to be right . When I was walking up the stage with my partner it might of being cool because when we where on the stage I was going to  Jump off the stage and slam. It was a great time doing the Bind Fold  Experience I hope we did it again cause it was fun. another thing I like was when we where blind because one thing is that my partner hit his knee and it felt horrible.

It was a world of darkness when I had the blindfold on and I might of think that some others had it to but it was still nice!

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