Thursday, 13 June 2013

Iceman and the strangers at antarctica

Today there was a celebration of a New years eve. Every New years eve this man  always sets sail from New York to Antarctica and the Antarctic with his boat. He was known as the Iceman. That was what everyone called him, because he would always be one of the brave people that would ride to Antarctica and the Antarctic.

He would always has backup food, cloths with him and his skills to survive just in case he gets himself into trouble.

The Iceman had to set up camp fast because there was going to be a snow storm coming his way. He didn't have the tools but  some  nails and his builders hammer. The rest of the tools were back at his boat and he wouldn't of had much time, so he had to use some of leftover tents that might of been there for decades. The tents was half broken but he managed to make an tent. It wasn't comfortable in the tent but he still slept.

Next day he went out to get his tools from his boat, while he was walking he saw some penguins he didn't know what they were called but he just kept walking. There was one penguin  following him and his friends were starting to follow as well. When he got to the boat the penguins started running into the boat, chucking his tools and tipping the boat over so they could try and break it. But then two killer Whales came up and crashed into the boat instead. STOP!!!! he cried, “The Iceman was crying .

This isn't good he said. “There was nothing he could do, So he went back to his tent but suddenly he heard a voice, It came from the other tents. He went to the tent and saw people sleeping.There were people here with him so he wasn't alone. He woke up the strangers that were in the tent and said CAN YOU HELP ME. in a big voice.

How did you get here in Antarctica, I never saw a boat or ship. As they were just waking up the Iceman was really worried and they were just so tired. One of the strangers were happy because help had came but Iceman was just one of the people that tested the temperature. They had food but it was animal food, and that was the only thing that they could eat. They didn't know that the Iceman had some food back at his tent.

So then he wanted them to help him and the strangers new this place quite good. They told the Ic that they needed there Pirate ship. The pirate ship was hiding in the mountains and there were mountain giants guarding ship. The strangers were pirates that were from old times and could still survive,but they needed it so they could get out of there. So  they formed a plan and tried to distract the giants so the other could get in and try to silent kill the others or charge in while the Iceman and the captain of there ship do the rest of work.

So here’s the plan said Iceman. there a 5 groups and you are in groups of 10s because there a 50 of you. so the first 10 will distract the mountain giants that are guarding the entrance and the and rest of you will charge in and try to hold off or the mountain giants you can hold off and when I say RETREAT you all come on the ship and I will have some spare weapons for you guys. Alright get into position but Wait for the signal said “Iceman to the captains troops. So what's the signal said “one of the troops. You will find out.

NOW said “Iceman. The first ten went out and tried to distract the mountain giants that were guarding the entrance, it wasn't doing anything that much but that kept trying. One of them even though its spare so the giants could run after them. when that was happen the others charged in and started a little war in the cave and there were a lot of giants in there then they would of expected. So the Iceman and the captain had to be fast and get the rest of there weapons on the ship and past it to the troops.

lucky the ship was already on water so they could set sail fast and get out of there. RETREAT RETREAT the Iceman Kept repeating. Some of them couldn't hear him so he got out his old megaphone and said  RETREAT RETREAT RETREAT. He kept on repeating but that wasn't working and they weren't listening. So he just went on with the captain and sailed away back to New York but then it got some of the troops attention and they started running to the ship and grabbing on to it but the giants didn't allow them to escape.

But some of the giants nearly got in but the captain got his sword and hold them off so Iceman had to go without them but he was going to be safe. He finally got out of the cave and he headed back to New York. It took a month to get back to New York and some people were talking about it. Then everyone stopped and listen to that noise it was a boat It came closer and they saw Iceman. They were happy and everyone had a celebration.

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