Monday, 8 July 2013

Making my own Mini Golf

On Sunday in the morning at 8:30 I made up my own Mini golf in my backyard. It was going to be a long course but separated. I Had 6 Short, Normal and Long courses. One course you have two ways of getting to the hole,one way was going through the pipe for short cut or through the normal way. Another one you were not aloud to hit three obstacles or you go back and restart.

I used some of my old sticks and found some rocks as walls . When I set everything up I test everything out to see if it would be good and it turn out right. I then played with my brother we playing to see who could get the less hits in my Mini Golf. In the first round I was trying to go through the pipe but I kept hit it instead.

Finally It went in but I was going to lose anyway on the first round. Then the next level you need to Not hit the obstacles or you start again. I was quite good at it and I actually won it. The obtactals where rocks and stones. We went on and on but then it came to the last one, but this one was the largest course I made.

It had a lot of stones and a long trail then went every where but the hole was on a little hill. Me and my brother never got there until it was dark then my brother just got it in the moment we were about to go inside to watch a movie. We had a good game but If My back yard was bigger I would've made more courses and more longer. But I still liked the one that I did,when it was the first time doing it.

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