Tuesday, 3 February 2015

First day

On the first day of school I was wondering what class I was going to be in. I wanted to see if there was anyone new who came to the school and see if I could find the new teachers. After about 9:00 am we all went to the school hall to hear Mr Burt say some things before we were chosen what class we were going in. The senior year 8's went to the street so we could welcome the new year 7's.  We had to sing a song to them that we sang last year to any visitors new to the senior block.

Then the prefects went to announce something to also welcome the year 7's. After that was done the teachers introduced themselves to us. First went Mrs Telea, and she told us her story of how she came to Auckland. It was Mr Wiseman and he was a new teacher who told us his story about when he came to new zealand, and how he liked traveling. Then went miss Clark who told us about where she was born and how she came to New Zealand.

Next was Mrs Moala who introduced her self and her husband to us. Then it was Miss Peato who told us about her family and sport. Miss Telea put us in our classes and I went in Mr Wisemans class. We had to introduce each other and then played a game. We played quite a lot of games that made us know each other more.

I hope I can enjoy this year.

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