Friday, 6 March 2015

Zeal Zone 2

For the second time of Zeal Zone we made Crispy Slices. For this we had to get rice bubbles and mini marshmallows and 125G of butter. They had to be set on our tables like the last one we did. Then the paper had to be spread out on the table so we could put the ingredients on it. After we were all set to go we got started. 

First thing you had to do was melt the butter in the pan. Second thing that you had to do was add marshmallows, then mix around until it melts. Remove form heat when done. Next pour the ricees in a black tray to fill it up. Lastly pour the melted marshmallows and butter into the black tray of ricees and mix. Then you press into dish with grease proof paper in another tray.

Then we cut it up into pieces and then eat it. It is tasty and delicious for treats. But I just ate straight away. I liked making the crispy slices.

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