Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Historic Mansion for only $1 Dollar

A historic mansion sold for only just 1$, the owner Samuel Ouerbacker built the mansion in Louisville Kentucky, in the 1860s. He named the mansion after himself (Ouerbacker-Clement House). After Samuel passed away the mansion was purchased by a tax company. But they never intended to use it, so they set up an auction. It was Bought by and architect, despite his plan to restore the mansion to it original form, he just left it in ruins.

The hope of the mansion was that someone would buy it and restore it to its original self. The building is ancient but falling apart. The odd thing is that the nearby residents swore it was haunted. Judging by its appearance, it did look a bit creepy.
A company called Oracle design recently purchased it for $1 dollar, Oracle and some properties planned to restore the building and divide it into apartments.

Oracle may still be dividing the mansion into different apartments.

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