Monday, 19 October 2015

T4 School Immersion assembly

We’re back to school from our two week holiday, and on to some more learning. This term is term 4, and our topic for this term was all about ‘Survival’. It was like every other term, where on the first day when the second bell rings the classes line up ready to walk immersion assembly. I don’t know about anyone else, but I was eager to find out what our topic was going to be. We sat down in the hall and Mr Burt our principle was dressed in a lavalava, t - shirt and a colourful parrot on his head, Introducing the topic to us and showing us a video before it started.

First was Team 1 and there’s was about going to the zoo. There were students picked by team 1 teachers who went up the stage to do karaoke to the song Roar. While in the background there was a video playing showing people at the zoo watching animals play. The karaoke ended and the video finished. We gave a round of a claws to then ending part, and it was team 2 next.

Team 2 is learning about dinosaurs, and how they roam the earth millions of years ago. They showed a movie about dinosaurs up on the screen. The movie was extreme with violence, blood everywhere, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Team 3 also was learning about dinosaurs. but this time, they made a parody with the dinosaurs and changed around to disco dinosaurs. Dancing around and enjoying life, to stay alive.

Next up was team 4, like fantastic 4, get it, No, okay I will just take my jokes elsewhere. Team 4 was learning about animals and mammals around the little blue earth of ours and how they adapt to there home environments. A few chosen students from team 4 were picked to make there movie which was extremely funny. They were interviewed by two teachers known as Mr Somerville and Mr Goodwin. In the background of these students was a green screen of other animals in there home environments, and they had to try and figure out where they were.

Last was team 5, there skid was based around a television series survivor. The Contestants (Teachers) had to tackle a challenge which was to eat a plateful of noodles the quickest using chopsticks, The winner of the challenge was Miss Clark and she won immunity. The challenge was easy for her because she grew up eating with chopsticks, which made the other contestant angry. Miss Petao made a confession about the whole challenge, because in her culture they eat food with there hands.

In the end my favorite skid was team 4, because they were better than partially better than team 5.

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