Friday, 4 May 2012

Andy Warhol Pop Art

There was an american artist, and his name was and Andy Warhol. He calls his art pop art.
He also painted and screen printed over photos of celebrities (famous people) like Marilyn Monroe and Mohammed Ali.

Andy Warhol  is so famous. His style of art is pop art. Pop art means popular art. Andy Warhol is so popular he draws things popular, like celebrities.

Did you know that Andy got shot three times by angry lady in 1968? He still survived. Warhol always draws simple strong shapes and then he screen prints it. He uses bright colours for his paintings. He made very popular paintings every time he painted. He uses a screen printer when he does his prints.

Overall, I think that was amazing what Andy Warhol has done in his life. He has done an excellent job. Andy Warhol is very popular, famous and so fantastic!

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Miss Szymanik said...

Hi Jonson,

You should be really proud of yourself because this is an excellent piece of writing. You have structured your writing well, using paragraphs and sequencing your ideas. I am very impressed, you look like you may have a future as a writer. Keep up the great work Jonson,

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