Friday, 30 November 2012

Making a ninja star

Yesterday I was making a paper Ninja star. During our making time, I saw Byron looking at a video. It was about a person making a toy called bubbly bottle. As soon as a saw he asked me that he would want to make it but he didn't have the materials. So then I got back to my to that I was making and it was quite challenging.

The steps were quite hard to understand because they had no steps. Suddenly I typed ( how to make a paper ninja star), and It came up with five easy steps to make it. The Video looked just right for me. When I got some Materials I just figured out that It was paper for the main toy.

First I get scissors and find a A3 Paper Then fold the paper in half and cut it in half. After that was done I then fold the top over and over until it got smaller. Now I fold it into a gun shape, and hold the middle and turn it over. Next I see this tunel and I put the square shape in those tunnels.

Finally when it came to a difficult step. I tried to do it but I got confused. It was the last step that I couldn't do.

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