Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Paper Ninja Star

Toy: Ninja star

Link to instructions

Materials: This is what you need.

  •  A3 paper
  •  Scissors


  1. Get your scissors and cut the A3 in half (side ways).

  1. When you,ve done that, fold it again.

  1. Then get the right top bit corner and fold it down.

  1. Then do it with the bottom one, but this time they have to be facing away from each other.

  1. now you have to fold the top right corner again and with the down one two. You also have to remeber to do it with the other paper you have to, and Make exatly Oppsite folds to.

    6. Next you put one on top of the other, and make sure there on top of each other like this:

   7. Now tuck the triangular shape corners in the pockets that a on each other.

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