Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Rubbish Catcher

The Rubbish Catcher is man made and its smart. It makes dirty water Clean water, so as catching rubbish. The rubbish catcher is are really popular thing that lives on a pond.

It is like a boat but it has two arms that reach both sides. It also has a metal grill on it.The rubbisher catcher gobbles up the rubbish onto the surface.  


Mohammed Muzammil said...

Hi Jonson I like your rubbish catcher picture nice job I hope some people saw the rubbish catcher in Omaru creek

Miss Ouano said...

Hi Jonson!

Thanks for explaining what that metal thingy in the Creek was! I had no idea until now, you did an awesome job of telling us about the rubbish catcher!

I am going to show this to my class on Monday if you don't mind!

Keep up the good work Jonson!

Miss Ouano :)

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