Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Seed

Once there were two Tribes that were peaceful and lived far away from each other.There were Scarabs and the Chafers, in between them was a boarder that they never crossed.

One day something fell out of the the sky. Both tribes thought it was a strange object. The Scarabs Got there Scientists to experiment it so as the chafers.
Both of them knew and they Thought  it was a cherrystone that can make a lot of cherries. They thought of it so both kings from both tribes had secret missions to get the stones for themselves.

The chafers leader said’’ that the Scarabs were stealing the stone so they declared war. They both got prepared for war and made armour.

Now that they were prepared,they marched to to the border and suddenly  the stone was gone. There was nothing there but a tree with cherries so they could share it. There was no need for war.

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