Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The side of the tent was wet

In the moring  when I wok up the side of the tent was wet and i was  freazing cold and i couldn,t move because I was cold. Eveyone had to do jump jam in the the hall but some one in our group was still a sleep and kefu didn,t wake up. So i had to wake him up but then he was to lazy when he was up and we left kefu and went to jump jam.

Then he came but he was runing hard so he dosen,t mis out.But when got to the  jump jam were finshed and every one was walking out and getting ready to go to the swiming pools. But first we ha breakfast first and then we got change and had our togs with us.

I hope you enjoy our camp that was the year 5/6 It was fun at our camp and I really liked it.
THe magre pools was awsome and i did bombs in the bombing pool. And jump jam I saw peh so do his own move when he was suposed to do the same as us. but I saw kefu there and he was on time because he went i bus.

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Mr Chris Marks said...

It sounds like a lot of fun at camp Jonson. It's very important when you write that you ask a buddy to help you edit your work and that you read it out aloud so you can hear if it makes sense.

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