Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The day things started disappear.

When I got home my things started to disappear like my computer, my homework, and some other stuff. I talked to my mum to see if she knew but i couldn't find her either. Then my bedroom was empty. I saw people with no head screaming. peh so was scared because he didn't have a head.

I couldn't do anything to save peh so. The disappearing was not good. That was the same with other people,s head and body. Some peoples bodies were looking like there zombie but the only thing I could see is there head. It start to happen to me but I could get away from it.

I now I have to stop it but i didn't know. I had go to the police and see if they help it wert there. police station was not there so it was up to me because i might found a way but I didn't know a way. Peh so thought that I could.

Then after I fix a head weird. I thought I had magic but it wasn't me. It was an machine, Its beam shot at us and it was set on disappear. Then it was change back to normal.Then everyone were happy.

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