Friday, 2 August 2013

Ugly duckling

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Once upon a time in a far far land was a farmyard where there was a mother duck having babies. She was sitting on a group of baby eggs. She then heard a crack on the eggs. One by one they all popped out. But there was one egg bigger.
The last egg hatched and there was a big duckling it  was bigger than the other ducklings. they were teasing him. The mother duck tried to do anything to cheer him up.
next day the ugly duckling ran out of the farmyard to find who he was. He question all the the birds he could find. they all said no in a scorn voice.  he walked and he got lost until a lady found and went to look if he would lay eggs. But then he managed to get out.

A day later someone came and found him,the person who found the duckling took back to his house. When it was spring the person that took the duckling was all growing up. The person took the duckling to the pond where he found him and set him free. Then he noticed who he was and he saw some other birds like him. The other birds said that he was a swan like us. They then flew away together happily ever after.

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