Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Little red riding hood

Once upon a time In a large forest was a little girl called little red riding hood and she set off to send some goods to her grandma. On way to her grandma’s house she met a mysterious wolf and he asked her where she was going and little red riding hood said to the wolf that she was going to her grandma’s house to drop off some goods because she was sick. So the wolf ran and took a short cut to her grandma’s house and when little red riding hood got to the house inside she got surprise that it was the wolf as her grandma. Then there was a Lumberjack that came by and saw a wolf about to eat little red riding hood, so he stabbed and sliced the wolf into piece’s so little red riding was safe so as grandma that came out of the cupboard. So there was never going to be a wolf that eats anyone and so everyone lived happily ever after.

The morale of the story is to not talk to stangnes in a place you have not been at before or in a long time.

I have learnt that if you're in trouble call for help don’t panic and wait for someone to come rescue you unless there is someone close by and is a lumberjack.

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