Friday, 28 March 2014

Doing PE at Tamaki College

On Fridays the seniors class 2,5 and 4 go to PE at Tamaki College after morning tea time. All of us have to quickly get back to class and put our PE t- shirt on as well. So then we walked down and it felt like we were going to walk to Tamaki for tech. When we got their we sat down at the field and the Tamaki people put us into teams, and I was in the same team as my friends. The first thing we did was play chain tag and you needed to have two people connected to each other and try to tag other people.

Then the next game we played was the Trust walk blindfold. For this we had to go in pairs and the person I went with were quite good and so as I. My partner named Lee didn't want to go first so I did but I wanted to go first any way. Before I went I looked at the path and it went zig zag so I had to trust Lee to make me go Zig zag. It wasn't scary at all but it did feel quite long, when it was Lee turn and he was quite fast because he knew the path.

Lee and I did it two times because we were fast but we had to be quick cause our team had to move on to our final activity. The final activity was a game where you can’t move but you are holding a ball and have to touch the person without moving. It was quite hot but we finished and we got ready to go back to Pt England.

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