Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Fia Fia night 2014

                  FiaFia 2014

On FiaFia night my mum dropped me off to the front area of school. When I got out of the car she left me so I could go get changed into my other clothes that I had to bring for my FiaFia group. It made me feel a bit nervous cause of so much people. I walked into the school grounds outside the breeze and I could see a big crowd everywhere and kids from other schools. As I walked to my changing room I saw Bailee and he was dropped off. Me and Bailee saw Paris and he was just walking around looking around.

When all of us were together we started wandering around going to The ICT to see if our group was there, but they weren’t because it was to early. Instead we started going around looking at things talking to friends. It was a bit hard because it was too loud. I couldn’t really hear myself speak properly so I had to scream or talk closer to some people. Paris told me and Bailee to come so we could see if our tutor teachers and group are there so we could get change because It was getting dark.

We saw them at last and we had to quickly get changed before we go. Inside my plastic bag were my White Top and Very Dark Blue Jeans. Instead of taking off the clothes that I had on I just stuck the jeans on and my White T-shirt as well. We did a quick run though for our group the Asian group and then we went out onto the field to get ready for the FiaFia. We then had to wait for the other groups but it didn't take that long and then it started. It was the Senior Kapa Haka group and they would of had to do heaps of practise because it was long.

After them were the Junior Kapa Haka that were year 1 and year 2. They looked quite good but in the end they were amazing, doing the Haka with mana. When they were done thats when FiaFia was really going to happing. Third after Junior Kapa Haka were the Bollywood/salsa Which is an Indian dance that the Indians do. Fourth was Hip Hop senior which had the intermidate year 7s and year 8s.

They did two songs but remixed together so it was Happy by Pharell Williams and another song that I don’t know. When it was our groups turn we started off in the Dragon went in a U in the middle of the crowd then went on stage, went around then came back off. After that the Ribbon Girls came on and they did some mexican waves and other stuff but when it was the boys turn to come on we had sticks and swords. It was short though and our last thing we had to do was our Kung Fu Fighting dance. On our ending we were supposed to kick off the stage but instead we just jumped and kick.
Samoan were the next group and there one was longer then the Asian group. Then went the Tongan girls next Band Music, after were the Fijian, when they were done it was the Tongan boys and they had a cool one. It was amazing when the groups performed it was much better then our rehearsal because the dances were kind of messed up. It was cool being at the FiaFia  But I wonder what group I should be in next year if we have it.                                                                                                                  


Anonymous said...

What a big night this was. Lucky it didn't rain.

Jonson said...

Thank you for who ever said this It didn't rain alright but It was more than a big night it was a night.

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