Monday, 5 May 2014

Immersion assembly

At the Immersion assembly our topic was about how things move and work. Mr Burt was presenting us with the team items that the teachers do. The First team was Team One and there one was all about the Zoo because they were going to the zoo tomorrow. Team one was going to learn about what makes you safe and what makes the Animals safe like home.

The next Team was Team Two and this was all about flying and how things move in the air. It showed Hot Air Balloons and Panes flying and going up. It was kind of funny when they did there dance at the start. After team two were Team Three with there colours and how colours can form a rainbow on the water and can reflect off some things. So like if there were colours Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Orange and Yellow and they shined on a green cloak the green colour would reflect off because the cape is green.

One of the teachers also said that what kind of colour is a banana
when its in the dark. Team Four was next and this was all about what can float and what sink also the buoyancy of things. We watched a movie and there was a person that looked like he was a scientist and he told us some things. When the movie was over the teachers for team four gave us a quiz to see who was listening.

The final team was Team Five and this was all about sound and music. There were six teachers altogether and they all carried instruments and did some music. My teacher Miss Paget was in this one and her and the others were wearing black glasses. There also was a movie about the instruments and the sounds that they make. When all of the teams had finished there items Mr Burt said a few things and the pray then we went back to class.



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Awesome. ! Jonson. ,wonderful!

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