Friday, 27 June 2014

Plant, food Research

Plant, food Research

P 1: On Wednesday three Scientist visitors from company that does Plant and food research came to the Pt England senior block to show us experiment. We sat in the what the teachers call the Street in the senior block. The people’s names were Jacob, Lora and Lara. They told us that they were into science and biology.

P 2: For the first experiment Lora told us about observing the acid, base and neutral. She poured some Cabbage juice in to a long bottle then poured in vinegar in a different bottle. Lora tried to tell us and show us that they can change the base and acid with a neutral compound. If they changed the base of the cabbage juice would turn green but if it changed into an acid it would be red.

P 3: Our next experiment was with Dry ice and it White box that was steaming with Dry ice. The Ice came in a white box that was steaming when Jacob lifted the lid off the white box. He put on some gloves and then he picked up some of the ice. Meanwhile Lora poured in Mr muscle in a bottle and then Jacob dropped the ice in the bottle of Mr muscle and what happen was amazing.
There were heaps of bubbles that came out of the bottle non stop.

P 4: It then came to the last experiment which they did. The last experiment was when they mixed liquid to make gunge. The gunge was green and it looked like slime. When Jacob picked some green gunge out of the bottle the gunge was still in liquid form a little. Lora then picked some and rolled some up and it turned into a solid. She then gave some to most of us and we got to feel it.

Not everyone got one but it did feel weird when I found one on the ground. Lora and Lara then asked us question about our jobs and experiments. Some of us said how they got into science. It was cool watching them do Science with them.

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