Thursday, 27 November 2014

Future Aspirations 2

Today on Wednesday the whole seniors were in the street so we could hear some of the people who were young and had a good dream. First of all we had to make sure the place was cleared and make sure the shelves were moved. After that we sat down on on our mat and that's when the visitors came in.

First was Mr Patterson, and he introduced himself. Then Mr Patterson introduced the other visitors to our whanau. There names were Anthony Samuels, Amelia, Paula and another person but he didn't say a speech. The visitors were going to have a turn having a speech and also gave us some messages that would help us in the future.

Anthony’s story was about being an actor on What Now, and also owning his own company. Second was Paula and his story was about when he was young but quite tall. Paula told us that he joined the swimming team because he was quite good at swimming. But Paula actually used a secret weapon which was his tall legs. When it came to the race he nearly drowned because the pool was too deep.

Last was Amelia and she talked to us about how her friends thought that she couldn't make it in anything, But then she discovered that she could do fashion. That was all of the stories of the future aspirations people who came in to talk to us about. Then the visitors told us there messages, and first was Anthony s message which was your past does not have to determine your future. Paula’s message was to keep trying. Last was Amelia's which was believe you can do it believe you know it and believe you deserve it I think.

And that was the end of all of there speech. We ended it with our school song which was Mihi Mairai.

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