Friday, 7 November 2014

Whanau Tangle pattern

If you have two classes who have joined together but you need something that can make people realize that you have joined together, then a whanau tangle pattern is what you need. I will tell you how to make one.

First you need to make a pattern on the paper that has been outlined with a pen or colouring pen. After everyone has done that, you then have to make a celtic knot. The celtic knot is knot that has no beginning or end cause it is a whole group. To do the celtic knot you need to do a weaving that goes under and over.

After you have done that you should have your own whanau tangle pattern that you created with others. When we first did it I felt like it was going to be hard to make the tangle pattern. Because we don’t have any instructions to tell us, so we made up our own.

That is the best activity to do if you wanted to join two classes together cause they also have there own pattern that they created, don’t remember that. It would always be different because thats what some of us are. I hope you enjoy making your own whanau tangle pattern with everyone.

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