Thursday, 21 May 2015

Future Aspirations

Today we have heard from two people, Marcus Winter AKA the Sandman and also Louis Gordon Latty. Marcus was a sand making artist, while Louis was a basketball player. The man that introduced them to us was a special that was welcome to be at our school. His name was Andrew Patterson and he collects and connects with a lot of talented people, Mostly it is on Radio Live where he works. They said there talks and shared with us how they became to be what they were now.

First off went Marcus, it started when he was in primary school and on his report it said that Marcus was a slow writer. It was when he became a bit older he started being a street artist, and making sand art. Then he changed his thinking, he wanted to show off his art on one of the big fancy cruise ships. It started to become his work in the cruise ships. He lived in one of the Sydney hotels in Australia.

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