Thursday, 2 July 2015

Highlight Reflection

I enjoyed doing maths because we learned different strategies in different areas. We use maths whizz aswell to learn our math. It is a type of program where you do an assessment test, it looks for the most appropriate level for you. I am in a high level for math whizz. 

I enjoyed playing soccer but I missed out on two games, except one. We got our very own boots to take home because the boys were playing well at there last game. We lost all our games, but we still tried our best when playing. We thanked the person who donated the money for us to have the boots, socks, shin pads and shorts.

For Inquiry, I enjoyed working together with my group the Barbie Boys to make the wooden bench. We had a bit of changes with the bench. We were going to use a log bench but we couldn't get it. We wanted to make it because we were sick of siting on the cold ground, so we made a bench. It only took a few weeks to plan and make.

This is the highlight of this term for me.

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