Wednesday, 29 July 2015

How I receive and spend money

Money is the most commonly used thing in the world. We use money in everyday, because it is apart of life. It would be hard to survive without money because it is of value to us. There are different types of currencies, ours is the NZ dollar. In other countries it would be called something else. In this explanation I am going to tell you how I receive and spend money.

I rarely receive money from my parents. It might just be once a month when I receive pocket money. About $3 to $7 a month. When my mum is feeling kind she just gives money for no reason to Keep. But I have to make sure I don’t lose or my mum with growl me.

Instead of spending my money I try to be money wise and save it. But that is a bit of a mission because everytime I walk past the bakery to school I smell the aroma of sausage rolls, pies and  savories which makes me hungry. If I couldn't help my self, I would try and spend maybe 1 or $2, and save $5 every six months.

Additionally what I might do differently would be saveing $6 every year, so maybe when I get older I would have more money to spend if I come across a nice aroma again. To require money would probably be the same thing. Until I get a job to acquire more. Right now it would probably just being doing chores for my parents.

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