Thursday, 5 November 2015

A time with Friends

“Ding ding ding ding” The bell went for the students to come back to class. I excitedly and quickly dashed back to class, knowing that we had a fun activity that the whole of team 5 were going to participate in. It was Tuesday today and we were going to do something known as the amazing race. We were only given a little bit of information, which was related to the amazing race. That little information was just that It was going to be fun and long.

We had to get changed into our fitness gear, and as someone our us could tell the teachers were very serious and eager for us to hurry up, get changed and be ready. Every student was then sitting down in the street silent listening, to miss Telea as she then gave us the rest of the information. She gave us a booklet which told where we go and our team name eg room 1 a team 3, room 4 b team 1, room 5 b team 2. We were given specific stations, which each team attended to, such as Pea pipes, Fear factor, Brain busters, Photo booth and Cookie fall. We were at those stations for only 10 minutes, so listing and silence was a priority.

Miss Teala then enabled us to leave to our first stations. My team which was room 1 a team 3 or 1a3 went to our first station which was the Pea pipes outside on the court with Miss Hockley. In my team was myself Lee, Mikano and Isaiah. We were up against other teams which was going to be interesting. This was going to mean teamwork.
The aim of this was to use a skinny straw and suck some peas from a white plastic bowl, then transport it while still sucking on it, to get it to another white bowl which a teacher will hold, without dropping it. To be honest it was pretty hard. A lot of the teams suction power from there mouth was probably poor. It was going well at first for me, but then I started having trouble, thinking I would get all of them in without dropping them. But then in the end our team still won.

Next course was the Fear factor in the Breeze. I didn't want participate in this so I let my friends take over. Then another friend didn't want to do it, so it was just two. What we had to do for this, was to first eat very dry weetbix quickly then eat a bowl of spaghetti, mixed in with kiwi fruit, salad and Tomato Sauce. This wasn't a very nice activity to do but, still in the end our team managed to win again.

Then next up was the Brain buster in room 1 and we had to work together and solve some very complex problems, and riddles, like a real amazing race might have. One of the most interesting problems had four dotted boxes which went 3x3. We had to try and connect them together with only 4 strikes of lines. For this our team had to put of minds together and try and figure that out. We failed a lot, until we had clues, which then we had it, which to make a square which would cover the four dotted boxes.

We didn't win it though, none of us did, so we moved to the second to last station. It turned out to be our last, because we didn't have time. It was called the Photo booth in the Street with Miss Teala, which was to dress up in costumes and take photos. There was no competition for this. Our team were in boxing gear, some of us were trying to act like Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.

Then Miss Teala told us to pack up and get ready for fitness, It was all over so quickly. For me my team was like brothers, we shared a bond together. I hope to do something like that again.

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