Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Google Expedition

Today on Tuesday, our school had the chance of doing the Google Expedition which was to try on special glasses that was called Google card box. It would have a phone in a cardboard like box, and 4 circle glass like things that you look into, and make it look 3D. Team 5 year 7's went first before the year 8's. Year 7's went in the morning, and the year 8's went after morning tea.

The year 8's got split into three groups: one, two, three.  I was in three, and we went second right after group one. We were going to be instructed by Mrs Teala, and miss Clarks son, Mr Clark (miss Clark who does reading with students, and not the one in class 2). The Google Cardbox was place in sections, and rows on two tables, which the boys will go to one table, and the girls go to the other.

Mr Clark was holding a tablet which lets him pick we will go and what we will see. The most fabulous ones I think were amazing was going into space, being on the Burj Khalfia and looking at one the most spectacular scenes of Dubai. Visiting Liberty Island in New York. It really looked like we were there.

We then had to finish off and get it ready for the last group, while we still had heaps of fun. The expedition was astonishing, and it was fun to do.

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