Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Mrs goat and her seven little kids

Once upon a time there was a mother Goat and she had seven kids. She went to go to the supermarket to get some food for her little goats. She said to he little goats “don't open the door for anyone because the Wolf might come knocking on the door and eat you”.

When mother Goat went  to the supermarket the Wolf was hiding under the window and he  went to knock on the door. “Knock Knock Knock” and all the goats said “Who is it” and the wolf said it’s your mother, then little goat said “our mothers voice sounds squeaky like music” and the wolf went to the music lady. The wolf said “can you teach me how to sound squeaky like music or I will bite your beak off”.

Then the Wolf sprinted back to the goats house and knocked on the door, “ Kids I've got some candy for you let me in. One of the goats said, that does sound like my mothers voice show me your you hands. The Wolf showed his hands threw the mailbox hole and one of the goats said that isn’t our mothers hand its white.” So he went to the painting thing and he asked the artist bird to paint his hand white all he will eat his hand off, then he went to the goats house again and he said “I’ve got some comics for you let me in. Show me your tail and it was a fluffy tail so he had to go to the dentist to change his tail, the tail was made so he went to the goats house and eat the kids.

The wolf ate the six Kids and then he went to the back and then sit on mother goat chair and then he drank some grape and then mother goat came back and he didn't know. Mother goat went inside and then the little goat told mother goat everything and she said the wolf is outside drinking. Mother goat went to the back and mother goat keep on bumbed him off and he flew away.

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