Friday, 6 September 2013

Narrative story starter

Title: Write an article about a confused athlete who swims with sharks.

One day there was an athlete that was always fit. His name was ambit, and he wanted to join a club for running season. Ambit lived with his mum,two,cousins,aunt,uncle and brother. He could run 35.72 kilometers per hour, he was faster than Usain Bolt.

At night he saw a store for athle sign up for clubs he went in and signed up their was one more spot . He got in and he was in the season running group. There were going to be heaps of people going to run but he was pretty sure that he was going to become first. The race was going to be 100 kilometers.

When he was walking he bumped into a man that confused people. He tried to hipnitties Ambit by swimming in the ocean with sharks. The race was about to start in 5 hours in the morning at 7:30 am Ambit was about to run all the way to the ocean and start swimming with sharks.
He was confused about what he was doing because he was tricked, the sharks were about to lure him to a part where the sharks could feed on him.

But then there was a sound it was a helicopter, a rescue helicopter that saw Ambit and he was trying to die. They picked him up and there was a shark that was about to jump up and eat him, but the rescue helicopter justed managed to get him up quickly. The race was about to start in 3 more minutes and they might take 4 minutes if there quick enough. So they went and tried a way to get him there faster.

Ambit was surprised and he could see everyone getting ready and it was nearly 7:30, the man that got ambit was so surprised that he was a athlete. They were about to get there in time and Ambit had to jump out to make it. He just made it and his family were watching.

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