Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Class five Sound games Inquiry

In Class five we are playing sound games so that we can learn more. The sound game that I played was Sound and Instrument Exploration. There are three instrument options that you can choose. Bongobonaza,Pipes and Strings. I chose pipes because that was as Pan flute and I always wanted to play it.

You learn to do the high pitch and a low pitch on your instrument. When you start on the pan flute, you will be giving questions about knowing the pipes and how the sound vibrations can be high and low. On the last question I started to play around with the pipes so I could do different pitch and frequency. 

After that I finished the Pan flute questions. I was going to start the others but I thought I might go on the another sound game. It was cool doing it but I if you want to have a go click on this link down here.

                  Sound and exploration Game

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