Thursday, 29 May 2014

Science Road Show

                                          Science road show at Tamaki

Today on Friday Class 5 (Rm19) and Class 2 (Rm21) went to the Science road show at Tamaki. We walked down to Tamaki instead of going on a bus because it is close to Pt England. When we got there we went inside the schools hall and there were some stuff that we could play with. First the presenters told us some stuff about life and Gases then  they picked some volunteers so they could try something. This was about senses and if you can’t use your eyes to see you will make wrong choices.

When the show was over they told us that there would of been a competition to see who could be the people to get all three names on one of the science cards to the prize box. To do that they had to go and do the activity and give a reason why the that thing happened to one of the teachers that came with us. I didn’t know where to start but then I saw one of my friends he was trying to do something and it was trying to make a tunnel stand. To do this we had to put some blocks together and lift the board and lean then there was a platform board for it to stand on and we had to lift that up to. That then makes a standing 2D block tunnel.

When I was walking I saw a bowl that had some cards and they were the Science card to that you get to find the names of the activities on the card. It had four names of activities, but one of them was fake so it was actually three. One of them was Magnetic earth and on that you have to use a little magnet stick that was rectangle and on one side was red and on the other side was black. How it worked was that the red side on the magnet was to stick on the north pole and and the black side to stick on the south pole.

When we find that out we tell a teacher thats with us from point England to clip a hole on the name thats on the card. Then we could move on to the other things. Next up was Power point and on this there was a big heated light machine that was facing down on a mirror. The mirror was in the table and in a curved shape like a bowl. On this you have to figure out where the hot spot is, and it was easy cause when that light reflects off the mirror it could make it even hotter.

Then I had one more to go but I forgot what it was. This activity had four middle size cylinders and two of them had water filled with it but the other two had air. These cylinders were actually connected somehow but the water and the air were still separated. Somehow the strings of the balls had to get in though whatever's separating it. But anyways you had to spin it and find out why the two balls that were in the water part of the cylinder spin in and the two balls in the air part of the cylinder spin out.

I had some help for this one because it was the first activity I did. For the air one the balls have no force to stop it from spinning out. Then for the water one the balls had water to stop it from spinning out because of the waters force. I was finished so then I put my card in the Prize box on a table. Then I went to go explore some of the things there.

I went on nearly all of them I think, and one of the one’s that I like was this camera that makes people look strongish yellowish reddish looking. I think it was heat vision camera I think. We then were told to come back for our second show. As we came back we saw another school but I didn't know what school they were from. The presenters then gave us another show for us to see and it was about how loud the balloon pops with some fire thing.

There were two balloons one medium size and one big size that was the same size as a school bag. One of the presenters told us that the council said to them that we have to cover our ears because it will make a loud noise. It started I looked at some people and then I heard a boom. But it didn't feel like it was loud when another presenter said “that was nothing”. This next one is going to be loud and that presenter wasn't joking.

The balloon was big like when I said before and they had a more strong fire maker. I was getting nervous and I wasn't lying because as soon as that fire touched the balloon I saw the balloon blow up with a massive fire vortex around it. But that wasn't all because it was so strong that there also was a powerful wave that came to our chest and pushed us back. Everyone were talking about what just happened to them and how powerful it was.

We all had to calm down now after that and the last thing they talked about was some things about Carbon dioxide, Oxygen, Air, Gas and Nitrogen. One of the guys put something on the table and it was a cylinder that had Blue balls, Red balls, and a White ball. They meant something but I think the blue meant Oxygen but I couldn't remember. They told us this lesson because these are gas they we have and need. That was the last of the show for us but not for the other school.

I enjoyed going to the Science road show.

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