Wednesday, 3 September 2014

My Colour wheel

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There are different types of colours such as Blue, Orange, Yellow, Green, Violet and others like that. Colours are everywhere and we see them everywhere. Colours are used to make something stand out and look good.

Primary Colours:
Primary colours are the first colours before the the tertiary colours or secondary colours. The primary colours are Blue, Red and Yellow. If you mix them together they will make the secondary colours.

Secondary Colours:
To make secondary colours you need to mix two primary colours. Like this:
Red and Blue = Violet, Blue and Yellow = Green, Red and Yellow = Orange. Orange, Violet and Green are all of the secondary colours because they were made by the primary colours.

Tertiary Colours: Now to make tertiary colours, and to make that you need to have the secondary and Primary colours to be mixed. Violet and Red = Dark Red, Violet and Blue = Dark Blue, Green and Blue = Light Blue. Next one Yellow and Orange = Brown, Orange and Red = Dark red and Green and Yellow = Light green.

Those are all of the tertiary colours that can be made from secondary and primary colours.

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