Thursday, 4 September 2014

Revolution Tour

On Wednesday day afternoon a group name the Revolution Tour came to our school hall to talk to us about something and giving us a message. The revolution tour were from Australia. The only thing about this is that only the seniors which were the year 7s and the year 8s came to watch them. When everyone settled two people talked to us and then introduced us on what there names were. I couldn’t remember what there names were though.

For them to give us a message they did it in a play. First they were in class and then someone had to introduce a new person they was only there first time. The person that was introducing the new guy on who his name was started bullying him. Then when it came to sports there had to be leaders who pick who they want. But the new person didn’t like the school because he got bullied, so then the a person from the start told us that the message was stop the bull.

What I learnt from that message was that I need to do something when some is getting bullied and help them if they don’t feel alright and they feel scared. Also I need to be standing up for someone who will bullied. It affects me by if I was bullied and I didn’t feel welcome.

What I am going to do is help one another.

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