Thursday, 4 September 2014

Kiwi Sport Football

In class 5 we go to football Kiwi sport at the hard court. We do football with sophia and she teaches us some tricks and how to play football. We are also in teams that are names of one of the countries in the world. The name of my team is Switzerland and in my team there is Peh so, Frank, me and Evan.

Sophia gives us football games against the other teams in our class. We don’t really win our games but we still like playing. But sometimes we get a tie on our games. Sophia gives us a short time to play so we have to be fast. In our team we try to plan our moves so we can get a score but sometimes it doesn't work.

It is fun playing tournaments with the other teams but our team can’t score fast enough because of how short we play for. There are six teams altogether that play in different courts but the rest are left out watching until the other games are finished. Sophia calls us in when the times up by first blowing her whistle. Then she sees who won there game and then they verse another team that has won there game.

After the teams have versed every other country we see which country has got the most points and then they win one of sophia’s prize. The country or team that won were the Brazil team with 18 points.

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