Wednesday, 10 December 2014


On Athletics day the whole school got to do Athletics. The seniors and juniors both had different courses. For the seniors it was Shot put, Javelin, Sprints, Discus and High Jump. I couldn't remember what the juniors one was though.

When the athletics started I was away. But they didn't get to finish all of it so then they did on another day and that's when I got to do half. He Half that we didn't do was Shot put Javelin, Sprints, and discus.

First was Sprints and for sprints we had to first run 50 meters then it was 75 meters, last was 100. We then moved on to Discuss and had to being in two lines. After that the people in front had to throw the discus in between these two cones that were spread out vertically.

Last was Javelin where we just threw the spear as far as we could. But for shot put we had to do it another time, cause it was already going to home. I wish I could of seen the rest of the athletics activities. Athletics is always good to do so you could be the best you can.

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