Thursday, 4 December 2014

Te Tuhi

On Monday 1st of December Class 5 went on a trip to Te Tuhi at Pakuranga, which was near the plaza. When we went in a man name Jimmy came to tour us around the place. He lead us into a studio and told things about Tongan Tapa, Fijian Tapa and Samoan Tapa.

Jimmy told us that we were going to try and make our own tapa on a piece of paper. Before we started Jimmy showed us three types of tapa that he told us before. The first one was Masi which was the Fijian tapa. Second one was the Ngatu which was Tongan tapa. Then the last one was Siapo which was Samoan tapa.

The process on how this started was that we first had to get a red and brown pastel, and put it on side. The paper had four squares and another four squares inside. We had to move the flat bit of the pastel on the four squares back and forward. When that was done we grabbed  a paint brush and dyed the whole paper.

When we were done Jimmy would put it up on the stairs too dry when the other schools do it. We grabbed another paper that had the same thing as what we just did on it, but was made in another school. The next thing we had to do was draw something that related to us, like our culture, home, entertainment and family. Once you we were done drawing you would colour it in and then dye the background.

When everyone was done Jimmy leaded us to a TV which showed water. He told us how important water was cause we needed water to survive. There were only two water places where our water goes into our houses. I couldn't remember the places of where they were though.

We then finished with Jimmy saying a few more things about how good we have being at the gallery. We took our Tapa with us that we made in the art studio. When they grabbed it the tapa was already looking like proper Tapa.


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