Tuesday, 9 December 2014


On Tuesdays class 5, class 3 and the year 7’s of class 1 go to Tamaki to do Tech. But on Thursdays class 4, class 2 and the year 8’s from class 1 go to tamaki. We are all put into groups that go to three groups.

The three groups are Hard materials, Graphics and Food. The group that I am in is Graphics with Mr Pineda. He is our graphics tutor that teaches us things about graphics. Second was Miss Heka and she was the food tutor. Last was Mr Grundy which is the hard materials tutor.

In graphics we have to plan on how we are going to make a burger box. But first Mr Pineda gave us the basics on the things we need. One of them is lines, second is width, height and length and third was Letters. Then we eventually got to make a 3D shape that was made from paper. All of our practise was done and thats when we planned a burger box and had to form it into proper one.

The tech group that I enjoyed was food with miss Heka cause we got to make different types of food that were nice. Also when we make cake or cookies it taste quite nice. But then in the end we still have to clean up the mess before we eat. The thing that I liked making the most was the enchiladas. It was kind of like a taco on how we made it.

In the end Technology was alright but next year I hope it would be better next year.

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