Thursday, 15 March 2012


Yesterday my camp team went kayaking at the Pt. England Resve it was cool I was with my partner and we where in a double canuo. my Partner was Tyrone we where helping each other, then after that we want to have a race with Cezar  and we where off but then!! he bet us. We where having fun and then we went of the canuo. after that I went on a sninggle one so as Tyrone, we saw each other and I was going far and fast. Then I jumped off the rocks and I was going to jump after Cezar but he did not jump so I tried it and it looked scary but then when I jumped in it was all right but it was just the water it tasted yuck, it was salt water it was cool when I was in the water I liked it then we had to go and take the canuo s back  to the canuo holder it was fun I hope we could do it again some other time.

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JordanA said...

Hey Jonson

love your story. You have got beret at wiring. Keep up the good work. what was the thing that you liked most?

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